I have been playing video games for decades now. One of the first platforms I used was PC. Many gamers like me discovered PC action-RPGs through Diablo. The loot, the customization, the backstory, the randomly generated maps, Blizzard developed a game that still has an important legacy.  Since the creation of Battle.net, the company has an exclusive platform where their games are delivered, purchased and played. With this week’s news, it’s about to change.


The company announced that it will make Diablo available to purchase digitally for the first time, but it’s not even going to be on their platform. They made an alliance with GOG.com, recognized to deliver classic games on recent computers. It is really an opening that is a first for the studio.

The game is sold $9.99 US / $13.49 CAN. Two versions of the games are included in this package:

  1. The original unmodified version that can connect to Battle.net for multiplayer functionalities.
  2. A modified version, done by GOG themselves, which includes Windows 10 compatibility, higher resolution and some fixes in the audio and software. This version is single-player only though.


This is a piece of news that made me very happy. Celebrating a piece of gaming history is something I will always put forward when it’s possible. This game is an experience that made me want to push forward my exploration of RPGs back then. Since I have played games like Baldur’s GateNeverwinter NightsPlanescape: Torment and Icewind Dale. I salute GOG for this accomplishment, and I hope gamers will encourage them. Are you happy with this news? Let me know in the comments below or on my social feeds.